Meet Our Community Involvement Specialist

Marie Danielle Darucaud

Marie Danielle Darucaud
Community Involvement Specialist (CIS)

Marie Danielle Darucaud, is WJ Bryan Museums Magnet’s Community Involvement Specialist (CIS) and speaks 5 languages. She has worked and cared for WJ Bryan Museums Magnet families for over 25 years!

Ms. Darucaud is readily available to assist parents with any concerns they might have.  She has a desk in the main office as well as a Parent Resource area in the Media Center. She is the leader of the Parent Academy where she conducts monthly parent workshops on a variety of topics and services such as magnet applications for middle school and state testing.

Ms. Darucaud provides translation services for parents of students unable to understand or speak English. She is proficient in Creole, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English.