Congratulations to Ms. Danielle Chisholm, our 2017-2018 Rookie of the Year. Ms. Chisholm is a Florida native born in Miami and grew up in Pembroke Pines. Most of her early education was in the Dade and Broward school districts. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at FAU. While earning her degree she worked at Coral Cove Elementary in the aftercare department.

Her first teaching job was at Sea Castle Elementary teaching kindergarten for the 2014-2015 school year. The following year she started working at W.J. Bryan Elementary teaching third grade math. In addition, she works along with Ms. Neal and runs The Ladybug Club. This club works with young ladies in grades 2-5 teaching them life skills. The club instills values such as responsibility, citizenship, and respect. The goal is to teach the girls how to present themselves in different settings.

Her teaching philosophy is based on her favorite quote from Michael Jordan, “Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion”. She believes that there are no limits on what children can do no matter their circumstances.

She comes from a family of educators; her mom currently teaches middle school in Broward County. While living in Jamaica, her grandmother taught English to children from Cuba and South America. Having these great educators as role models fueled her passion for teaching.



Congratulations to Ms. Falicie Dirosier, our 2017-2018 Franscisco R. Walker Teacher of the Year nominee.  Her reputation as one of the most dedicated Bryan Lion family members is absolutely true.  Her willingness to help and honor those around her is astonishing.  She truly embodies what it means to be an exceptional teacher.  She has organized many events in our school, from sponsored field trips, school picnics, end of the year parties for faculty and staff, and she has even given away bikes and shoes to our students during Christmas time.

Mrs. Dirosier, has a Bachelors of Arts in Education from Carlos Albizu University and a Masters in Guidance Counseling from St. Thomas University.  She recently completed her Masters in Administration and Leadership.  She is an accomplished educator who demonstrates the ability to teach, motivate, create productive lessons, and direct students while maintaining high interest in achievement.  She maintains excellent relationships with her students, parents, faculty, and administrators. She has worked in general education as well as with special needs students throughout her career.  What she enjoys most about teaching is witnessing her students’ growth academically throughout the school year   Mrs. Dirosier has decided it is now time to start thinking of her future by branching out towards Educational Leadership.  She hopes to obtain an Assistant Principal position within Miami Dade County Public Schools now that she has completed the Educational Leadership program from Grand Canyon University.

Falicie is truly a remarkable teacher who has a gift that goes beyond the classroom.  She has also recently established her own explorer program, Kids N Touch.   While WJ Bryan has many remarkable teachers, not all of them have the drive, the motivation, or the courage to say, “you know what? I can do this.”  I can open my own school, write my own curriculum, design my own blueprint, and run my own business that would help students become successful.  A student who receives Falicie as a teacher only has her for a year, but a student who can begin their education at Kids N Touch would have her for a lifetime because education starts with a solid foundation.  If the foundation is solid you are solid and that is what Falicie will be able to give to them.

In the time that she has been a part of our faculty, many have grown to love and admire her dearly.  She is very devoted to her family, children, husband, and students.  Falicie is the type of person who would give you the shirt off her back and I mean that literally.  I have been in situations and Falicie would offer what is in her use at that moment and literally say to me here take it if you need it.  It is people like Falicie that makes me believe that a change is soon to come.  It is people like Falicie who gives us hope for ourselves, for our loved ones, and especially our children.  They say God puts us on earth for a purpose and we should not waste time on the small things, but instead spend time learning ourselves in order to find that purpose.  Falicie has found her purpose.  Her purpose is to create a change in our community.

Any spare moment Mrs.  Dirosier has is spent with her family.  She has a very supportive husband, an incredibly intelligent son and an adorable daughter.   They enjoy taking short family vacations within Florida and love to watch movies together.   Mrs. Dirosier continues to reinvent herself yearly to ensure that she makes good decisions that will impact not only her family, but her students as well for the better.  She enjoys reading books that allow her to grow as an individual.    She also keeps busy by working on multiple projects that will give back to the community.   Mrs. Dirosier has the desire to go well beyond the walls of her current classroom. She wants to prove to herself that she is able to go for what many may say is “impossible to reach”.   Her drive and self-motivation are truly inspiring.  Mrs. Falicie Dirosier, our “Teacher of the Year”!